Fun and Interesting Phone Additions

The creation of the Smartphone led to the eventual invention of innovative and creative accessories; these days the market is saturated with different cases, protective screen films, “skins”, and accessories for your Smartphone. As the phones continue to progress, so will their accessories. A couple cool accessories that don’t directly attach to the Smartphone are […]

Buying A Phone Accessory? How To Avoid Common Mistakes

Mistakes in Buying Phone Accessories

With all of the phone accessories on the market, a buyer can easily over-purchase or become overwhelmed. Become a savvy shopper by reviewing these common buying mistakes and working to avoid them. Buying the First Generation Accessory Buying the first generation of an accessory may seem ideal, but the common pitfall is that all of […]

Tips for Buying Multi USB Phone Charger

multi USB phone charger

For many people, their smart phones are essential parts of their lives. When you are looking for┬ámulti USB phone chargers, you want to consider a number of factors. Here are seven tips for choosing the ideal multi USB phone charger: 1. Maximize Battery Power It is important to have a multi USB phone charger enabling […]

Top 5 Mobile Phone Accessories

Mobile Phone Accessories

Cell phone accessories can help take the mobile experience to a new level. From not having to worry about the battery going dead to being able to use the phone hands-free, these five types of accessories can improve the life and enjoyment of being mobile. 1. Multi-USB Charger A multi-USB charger is a device to […]